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Opus 327 nfp is dedicated to the preservation, performance, and promotion of the century-old Ernest M. Skinner Opus 327 pipe organ at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Evanston, Illinois.



At a quiet corner of southeast Evanston, there lives a remarkable piece of living history. The pipe organ at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is Ernest M. Skinner’s “Opus 327,” and it is a century-old treasure. Opus 327 is a four-manual pipe organ of noble size and scale, which has weathered the relentless forces of time to remain in its near-original condition after one hundred years of use.

organization is grounded in the conviction that this instrument possesses extraordinary artistic, historic, technological, and social significance and is a cultural inheritance to be passed on to future generations. We are committed to ensuring that funds are available to maintain the organ for generations to come.


At the heart of our organizational mission lies an unwavering commitment to the transformative power of performance, with a particular focus on the Opus 327 organ. Performance serves as a dynamic showcase, unveiling the diverse range of possibilities inherent in the organ and spotlighting the exceptional talents within the organist community.
Opus 327 actively nurtures performance by supporting concerts, recitals, and recordings. Organists from around the world regularly reach out to the church, eager to display their skills and artistic expression through the resonant notes of Opus 327. The acoustically refined space at St. Luke's serves as an ideal backdrop for musical performances, making each one an extraordinary experience.


Opus 327 seeks to expand public awareness of pipe organs, bringing a new generation of organ musicians, audiences, supporters, and technicians into the fold of a flourishing pipe organ community.  

In pursuit of this goal, we sponsor an Organ Scholar Program and other educational initiatives designed for both aspiring organists and the general public. Emphasizing the significance of education within our broader mission, Opus 327 seeks to nurture talent, provide valuable opportunities for development, and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich tradition of pipe organs.




Thank you for your support

 Everything we do begins with you. Your financial support helps us to fund the preservation and maintenance of the Opus 327 organ, and to offer performance and educational programming around this unique and iconic American musical treasure.

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